F150 fuel pump fuse

So i got stuck at Walmart today same issue as everyone But anyone else have the check engine light come on after that? You didn't say what fuse 27 does. I assume it started after replacing fuse That failed fuse may have set the check engine light.

Scan for codes and see what it was, and if it relates in anyway with fuse Or just cancel the code and see if it comes back. If that fuse fails again, you should investigate further and fix accordingly. 12v dc motor 5000 rpm found more info on this. Fuse 27 runs the fuel pump. You can find a good video on YouTube on how to solder it in. Benjamin answered about a year ago.

Fuel pump not working

Have a F FX2 V8, had this same issue just yesterday evening afternoon being out of the house running errands and whatnot all day long. Went to leave the house at 9pm and would not start. Interesting not is when starting, the key would seem like it gets stuck and would continue trying to start. Upon some Google research, and noticing the results with Fuse 27, fuel pump relay fuse, it was blow.

I swapped it with a spare from the passenger side fuse box and started right up. Will look into the relocation kit after this issue. GuruSK answered about a year ago. We were stranded in NOLA for almost 24 hours trying everything possible. Had same issue, engine would crank but not start. I also had battery light come on a couple times in the week prior to the fuse failing.

Found burnt fuse, once replace truck running great for 2 weeks now.The Fuel pump fuse is below dash on drivers Kick Panel BUT make sure it is the fuse because the Ford F's have a fuel shut off switch which can be easily triggered. The Fuel shut off switch is located on passengers Kick panel. Just push button in!

f150 fuel pump fuse

To find a Ford F fuel pump fuse look under the hood. On the left front fender there is a small black box by the air cleaner. The relay switch for it is number two, in the same box fuse number sixteen slot fuse is for the actual fuel pump. Fuel pump fuse blown or the fuel pump is defective even if you hear it running. Fuel filter can also be clogged. The Ford F1 50 pickup truck fuel pump fuse will be the number six fuse. The number six fuse will be in the first column, fourth from the bottom.

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Top Answer. Wiki User Related Questions. Is there a fuse for the fuel pump of a Dodge Spirit? There is no fuse for the fuel pump just a fuel pump relay.

Where is the fuel pump fuse in a ford f? Why 91 f fuel pump not working with all relays changed? What is the fuel pump fuse number for a ford f? Where is the fuse for the fuel pump on a ford f? Trending Questions. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.Ford F Raptor Fuel Pump Fuse Relocation Kit: This kit by motorcraft is Fords fix to the burnt fuse 27 for the fuel pump, Ford has made the global relocation fuse relay 70 to make it easy and robust for everyone however if you place your blade wire in another empty slot other than 70 like in our case we used slot 71 its okay just correct your sticker peel label that you place inside your fuse box to let the next owner know where it is.

Depending on your setup whether you just have a F or a Raptor chances are you will have 3 to 5 slots open and available for your Aux. It took care of our burnt out and melted fuse in slot Lastly there has been a debate online between F and Raptor owners on which way to seal the wires half will say to use a solderless boot connector and the other half will say to use a soldering iron with solder.

We did both and they both work fine however we decided to remove the boot and solder our wire before heat shrinking the tube. At the end of our video you see us heat shrinking the tube over our solderless boot.

Notes: I will say that whether you have a F or especially a Raptor with many Aux. Savvy Turtle Parts and Tools used in this Project:. Savvy Turtle Shirt Worn:. Savvy Turtle Lookbook.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Fuel Pump Relay

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I am sure it is fuel delivery problem. It has dual tanks 5. I do not have any power at the front or rear tank connectors, rear tank has never work their is no power at the selector switch or at the inertia switch. There are four relays mounted next to the power distributor box. I change them around, I checked all fuses. I also grounded the lead of DLC connector had the same problem.

One other time I keep turning the ignition off an on until I heard the fuel pump come on. Thanks if you could help me with this problem. Do you. Do you have battery voltage at fuel pump relay socket? Can you hear the fuel pump run for just a few seconds when you turn the key to "on"? Check out the diagrams below. Please let us know what you find. We are interested to see what it is. Cheers Images Click to enlarge.

Was this answer. There are four relays I think I have 12 volts at all of them. I cannot hear any noise from the fuel pump. Also, I have replaced the ignition switch. I am sorry, but "thinking" you have power to the relays does not do me much good. Let's do it this way. One of the relays of the four will have the following color wires. My diagram does not tell me which one for sure, but look for these colors.

These are the wires going to the relay socket. No power, the fuse is out. From inertia switch to fuel tank selection switch, then to fuel pumps. Test; jumper wires 1 and 2. You should now have power to the inertia switch, the sector switch and which ever tank is selected, that pump should be running.

If not, check power at fuel pump connection at tank.The fuel pump relay is an electronic component that is found on virtually all vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine. It is often found in the fuse box located in the engine bay and functions as the primary electronic switch that controls power to the fuel pump.

The fuel pump relay is usually controlled by the ignition or Powertrain Control Module, and when switched on, will provide current to the fuel pump so that it may function. As the fuel pump relay controls power to the fuel pump, any faults with it can cause issues with the fuel pump, which can cause drivability problems for the vehicle. Usually a bad or failing fuel pump relay will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of the issues. One of the first symptoms of an issue with the fuel pump relay is an engine that suddenly stalls.

If the fuel pump relay has an issue while the vehicle is operating it will cut off power to the fuel pump, which will cause the engine to stall. A faulty relay may allow the vehicle to be restarted a short while later, while a completely failed relay will not. Another symptom of a faulty fuel pump relay is an engine that does not start.

f150 fuel pump fuse

If the fuel pump relay fails the fuel pump will be left without power. The engine may still crank when the key is turned, however it will not be able to start due to lack of fuel. This symptom can also be caused by a wide variety of other issues, so having the vehicle properly diagnosed is highly recommended. Another symptom that may hint at an issue with the fuel pump relay is no noise from the fuel pump when the key is switched on.

Most fuel pumps will produce a low volume hum or whine which can be heard from the inside the vehicle if listened for closely, or from the outside of the vehicle, near the fuel tank. If the fuel pump relay fails, it will cut off power to the fuel pump which will render it inoperable, and therefore silent, when the ignition is on. While the fuel pump relay is a very simple component, it plays a very important role in the proper operation of the vehicle.

If your vehicle is displaying any of the symptoms above, or you suspect that your fuel pump relay is having an an issue, have the vehicle inspected by a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, to determine if the component should be replaced. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U.

Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Engine stalls One of the first symptoms of an issue with the fuel pump relay is an engine that suddenly stalls. Engine does not start Another symptom of a faulty fuel pump relay is an engine that does not start.

No noise from the fuel pump Another symptom that may hint at an issue with the fuel pump relay is no noise from the fuel pump when the key is switched on. Schedule Fuel System Inspection. Service Area. Average rating fromcustomers who received a Fuel System Inspection. Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Excellent Auto Repair Ratings.

08 F108 F150 turns over but won't start

Auto Repair. Recent Fuel System Inspection reviews. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4. Number of Reviews ,We had a problem a month ago where it would crank and not start. After some trouble shooting we found a bad connection on the fuel pump fuse and installed a new fuse and things worked fine. A couple days ago it happened again, we checked the fuse it was good replaced the relay still cranks no start. Replaced both the fuel pump driver module and fuel pump still wont start. We hear the pump run for a couple seconds then shuts off.

I have not checked fuel pressure on the fuel rail yet hoping to see if there might be something else to look at as well. I have sprayed starter fluid into air intake and engine will fire so pretty sure its not getting fuel. Rowefast answered 4 years ago. Sound like it is a new fuel pump, and it does prime up Yes I would check fuel pump pressure and do a bleed down test to see if it holds pressure, I don't know what the pressure should be on a Ford, but the pressure should not drop more that 5lbs and hold for at least 3 to 5 min.

If not there would be a leak to investigate. Thanks yes new fuel pump S answered 3 years ago. I have a similar problem on my F Changed the whole sending unit with the fuel pump with a OEM motorcraft, changed the fuel pump module. It will stall out after a long drive or after I shut it off it won't restart until it cools off for at least a half hour.

Please let me know if you figureed yours out. Rowefast answered 3 years ago. I am not familiar with Ford that well, but in most cases what you describe is contributed to the ignition control module. When they start to go bad, heat affects them to the point that you need to cool the motor down in order for it to function again.

The ignition system components on yours is where I would start looking. KSM55 answered 3 years ago. Had this problem and took to three different auto shops.

Tried numerous things and I finally after reading some of the answers listed here went and checked the fuse. Sure enough the fuse was fried on one side but still making enough connection to run poorly. Replaced the fuse and now runs and starts great. I am so happy to find this discussion thread this morning. I went out to head off to work and my truck wouldn't start up. It would try to start, but it just wouldn't fire up. After looking it over, the fuel pump wasn't working.M ost parts we sell through eBay Motors come with a 30 day money back guarantee unless otherwise stated.

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Fuse box diagram Ford F150 1997-2003

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f150 fuel pump fuse

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