Proton x70 waiting list

In alone, Geely sold more thanunits of the Boyue, making it the fourth most popular model in China. On paper, the X70 offers very good value for money so kudos to Proton on that. While the exterior of the X70 is largely similar to that of the facelifted Geely Boyue, the X70 gets a different front grille. In addition to that, the rear features a trim piece that connects both tail lights with the Proton wording embedded across. It is also worth noting that buyers of the Premium 2WD variant can choose any of the five colours, including Flame Red.

Moving inside, the Proton X70 does not disappoint, as the interior features a good mix of high quality materials and tactile buttons, something that existing Proton owners would be envious of. The Nappa leather upholstery found on the range-topping Premium 2WD variant certainly looks and feels the part, comparable to some of the best offered by its rivals.

In fact, no other similarly priced rival offers such high quality Nappa leather. Seeing that Geely has been the owner of Volvo sinceit comes as no surprise that the X70 features some bits from the Volvo parts bin.

For example, we noticed that the signal and wiper stalks are shared with several recent Volvo models, including the XC90 and XC Despite that, Geely has added some Chinese motifs to the stalks, differentiating itself from the Volvo models. Does it work as well as advertised? Yes and no. During our time with the X70, we noticed that even speaking slowly and clearly to the X70, at times the system would fail to comprehend what was being said. But truth be said, a lot of voice command systems on the market perform poorly during the first few tries.

It takes time for both the user and the system to adapt and learn. In addition to that, future system updates can also help improve the voice recognition system. In reality, voice command is something you show off to your friends rather than use on a daily basis. Why would you want to issue a voice command to lower the windows when the auto-down power window button does it much faster?

On the upside, what separates the Proton X70's voice command function from even a Mercedes-Benz is that the X70 is the only model sold in Malaysia to support contextual voice commands.

What this means is that instead of entering a destination, you can simply say "Hi, Proton. I am hungry. In theory, the all-new Mercedes-Benz's A-Class' MBUX system is also capable of doing this but not in Malaysia, as the function requires in-car internet connection, which is not offered here and thus the A-Class can only understand basic voice commands, limited to certain in-car functions.

What we don't like about the Proton's GKUI infotainment system is that it is currently limited to certain Chinese apps. Instead of Google Maps, you have to make do with Baidu Maps. The Proton's Japanese rivals might not have such fancy infotainment systems, but the important thing is that they work better in our local context and supports apps that Malaysians use.

2020 PROTON X70 - Affordable SUV - All You Need To Know

Compared to GKUI, both Apple Car Play and Android Auto not officially available in Malaysia but can be easily installed on your own works better for drivers because they are developed from the ground-up as driver-focused systems to minimize distractions.Do I Regret Buying It?

Andy Chin Woon Fook. Based on my personal opinion, there are pros and cons for every model, and it does suits different individual needs and wants. As the phrase goes by, we can't please everyone. I had narrowed down the list to Peugeot and Proton X After comparing the pros and cons for the both models, I was leaning toward the Proton X70, Space Grey.

Booking was made on 17th February Promised delivery date was approximately 2 months from the booking date. Unfortunately, we faced the worst pandemic outbreak in the world right after I booked the vehicle. Malaysia announced movement control order MCO on 18th March which further prolonged to 12th May Patiently waited with an excitement for approximately 3.

With mixed feeling of pleasant and enjoyment soon after I reached the dealer to collect the vehicle, I experienced an unforgettable experience when I get my finger cut when opening the driver door due to a sharp paint defect near the door handle, however, I do appreciate on the swift response rendered by the dealer to look into the matter seriously.

The day after, I drove the X70 all the way from Seremban to Puchong for the installation of side step, tint film, headlamp tint and body coating legally crossing inter-state. It was an extremely comfortable ride thanks to the Nappa leather seats and lumbar support that provide great support to my thigh and back and the NVH is superb which coupled with a fine tune of suspension by Proton. Many owners claimed that X70 facing poor fuel consumption.

I somehow managed to get averagely between plus — plus km of range. However, you may refer to the layman photo attachment as below for easier understanding even though it's not an actual fact and figure My explanation is simple, I had travelled for km and there's km remaining to go with a dropped of 2 bars of petrol. Fuel consumption of this car is acceptable since the car has more power. I do feel like this car is on sport mode all the time due to the quick reaction of the new 7 speed DCT gearbox.

On the ninth day as the proud owner of X70, Proton is still unable to give me a solution on the sharp paint defect at the door handle which cut my finger on the first day I collected the vehicle and the Proton Link is not functioning well during lock and unlock the door. With Proton's signature ride and handling, the car handles in an agile manner and it is very fun to drive in the city and on the highway.

As the car is stable and the steering is not shaky at high speed, it gives the driver the confidence to drive fast. Personally, I find these seats very comfortable for long distance travel as they support my back and thigh very well and it does have seat ventilation for both front seats as well.Following the success of the Proton X70the company is expected to continue its momentum with the introduction of a smaller SUV based on the Geely Binyue.

The upcoming model will be positioned below the X70, and it logically, could adopt the X50 name. Proton has also registered the X50 name with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, further cementing the possibility of the name being used on the new model. The 1. When the Proton X50 is introduced here, we can expect it to feature the 1. Though he did not specifically mention the X50, the speculcation is not too far-fetched. Factoring the similar quantum in price gap between the Binyue and Boyue in China, buyers in Malaysia can expect the upcoming X50 to carry an estimated price very close to the Perodua Aruzwhich is priced from RM 72, Assuming the same price gap applies here, we can expect the X50 to be within the circa RM 75, to RM 85, price range.

All you need to find your next perfect car is here. Aston Martin.

The upcoming Proton X50 is worth waiting for

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This is why there's still no confirmed price list for the Proton X50 yet. For You. Latest News. Are AWD cars completely useless for everyday driving? The missing link — The forgotten second-gen Honda City. Popular Videos.

Proton X70 2020 Interior & Exterior Images

Toyota Camry 2. Recommended Cars. Latest Cars.As promised, online booking for the Proton X70 started today, with the X70 microsite going live at 10am. Customers are are required to provide their personal details, preferred X70 variant and colour, as well as the city and state where they wish to collect the car. A Proton sales advisor will then contact the customer within seven days to process the booking.

Booking fees are fully refundable should one change his mind. How much? In this three-day period, one can book the Proton X70 with a fee of just RM All gifts will be handed over together with the X70 during delivery. The early bird gifts are also applicable to those who book the X70 via the traditional walk-in way.

proton x70 waiting list

Meanwhile, X70 customer previews are ongoing and the most recent one was held in Kuching from October The next stops are in Kuantan and Ipoh, and the final session will be held in Kota Kinabalu next month.

Click to enlarge. Once again, you can check out all the variants and specifications here. Check out the X70 microsite here. Research Proton Cars at. Related Cars for Sale on.The Proton X70 is the longest in its class, which dwarfs some SUVs from one segment above, thus giving the Proton X70 a much expensive feel on the outside. In terms of comfort and convenience, features on the inside, the Proton X70 really outclasses all the SUVs in its category.

Due to having the largest dimensions in its category, the Proton X70 feels incredibly spacious when it comes to interior.

The legroom, knee room and head room at the rear are comparable to really premium sedans, and thanks to the sliding backrest, the rear seat feels very comfortable even for much longer travel runs.

While the Proton X70 is quite big enough giving it an intimidating stance, the overall design is not that eye-catching and distinctive. While the side profile, as well as rear profile, still manages to look quite unique, the front end of the X70 looks quite pale, if going by the segment standards.

The grille too looks very simple for a car of this category. While there is no question on the levels of space on the inside, the rear seat lacks under-thigh support a bit, which robs of some of the comfort to the rear occupants. The short length of the rear bench might be a bit of a trouble to tall passengers. The new X70 is available with lowered pricing and some notable mechanical changes. Also, the previous 6-speed automatic gearbox is now replaced by 7-speed wet DCT.

The X70 is powered by a cc 4-cylinder Petrol engine produces hp of power and Nm of torque. It comes with the option of a 7-Speed Dual Clutch transmission gearbox. Proton X70 can be easily claimed as the biggest launch of Not only it gained a huge amount of buyers, but its popularity also opened the gates for its smaller sibling, the X50, which is soon to be launched in the market.

Based on the Geely Boyue, the Proton X70 is an upgraded version of the former with subtle design enhancements that are targeted especially for the Malaysian audience.

Some notable ones are reworked front grille and wood-garnished speaker panels. Although it is based on the Geely Boyue, some of the engineering variations are exclusive to the new X The Proton X70 is available in four variants, all powered by a 1.

For safe driving experience, Proton has blessed the new X70 with an advanced driver assist pack that features some of the crucial safety and security features of the modern era. The materials, the build quality and the features, all collectively take you momentarily to a different world, precisely in the world of Proton X While the standard fabric seats are good to comfort you, the premium Nappa leather seats take comfort to a new level.

The dash looks quite upmarket with silver finishes. The doors and speaker panels get wood garnishing that enhances the overall appeal of the cabin. There is a multi-function flat-bottom steering wheel with controls mounted on it. The centre console features an 8-inch infotainment system with 6 USB ports, voice command support, Bluetooth, navigation and built-in e-SIM functionality for on-the-go connectivity.

For a detailed vehicle information, the company has added a fully-digital multi-info display that provides all the necessary details about the vehicle to the driver.

Talking about the features, the X70 gets a dual-zone climate control, tyre pressure monitoring system, a panoramic sunroof, power adjustable driver seat, rearview camera and a live feed from degree cameras.This page is powered by Voice Command features to give you an elevated browsing experience.

To begin using, allow us access to your microphone. Speak directly into your microphone so that we can hear you. To navigate the page, Click on the icon above and say any of these phrases below directly into your microphone.

Luxury goes beyond a visually impeccable exterior. Circulates cool air through the front seats for improved ventilation and extra comfort. Open and close the tailgate hands-free thanks to the motion sensor that detects your foot movement. Soft and supple seats equipped with power adjustment. Style meets purpose for increased visibility in all weather conditions. Automatically switches on and adjusts the speed of the front wipers according to rainfall intensity for maximum visibility.

Illuminate the way to the front doors of the vehicle with an exquisite touch.

proton x70 waiting list

Catch a breath of fresh air or open up to experience the world from where you are. Meticulously crafted with luxurious soft-touch surfaces and silver finishing. Maintains an optimal interior temperature no matter what the weather is outside. An integral part of the air-conditioning system that effectively filters smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants.

Click here to find out more. Filters out harmful gases, removes bad odour and kills bacteria. Command centre. Everything you need to conquer the journey ahead lies at the tip of your fingers or activated through your voice. Monitor and control specific functions of the vehicle remotely with a dedicated smartphone app.

Access your favourite music streaming platforms and get updated with the latest weather forecast. GPS navigation offers traffic alert warnings and driving directions to stay ahead.

proton x70 waiting list

Android mirror-link for your smartphone. Indulge in an immersive experience with power-packed surround sound system. Charge electronic gadgets with ease; 2 at the front console, 1 at the console box and 2 below the rear air vents. Your road.Published on March 16th, by Hammer. Question; why is there no spare parts for the Proton X70 body panels?

Well the answer is simple. The Proton X70 is fully imported from China. It is really not a product of Malaysia and it is actually an ongoing Geely SUV in production that has been rebadged for The Malaysian consumer.

There is nothing wrong with this as the Proton Tanjung Malim factory is being upgraded to meet the Geely manufacturing standards for future Proton models to be locally manufactured and also exported to the ASEAN right hand drive region.

A Proton X70 owner who recently had a minor rear end collision has been made to wait for weeks for his rear bumper to arrive from China and this has angered him and some Malaysians who have been sharing his plight on social media. Yes, the waiting time is long as the parts need to be shipped by sea freight from China and it will probably come with the next batch of X70 parts and vehicles being imported in to meet the increasing demand for the X Like all new projects, the Proton X70 needs more time to be smooth sailing and meanwhile there will be upset owners and some issue with service centres trying to cope with the increased demand for servicing, repairs and software upgrades.

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