Pwi edgerunner tank

Class choice is restricted by race choice, since not all races can be all classes. The "Perfect World Classes" below are the classes that are available to all players when creating a character.

There are eight classes that are available to starting players, depending on chosen race. Winged Elf Archers utilize wooden equipment like bows and arrows and other long range weapons to ward off attackers and would be enemies.

Tideborn Assassins use dual daggers and swift attacks to defeat monsters. They are also very swift and usually consist of purple or pink skin. Official Assassin Forums.

Assassin Player Guide. Untamed Barbarians are strong and often serve as the front-line defenders on the battlefield.

Perfect World International - Getting Edgy in 3v3 - Edgerunner

They mainly rely on their brute strength during attacks. Human Blademasters are close combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile, and quick to attack and evade assailants. Winged Elf Clerics can heal, curse, and can call on the elements of lightning and wind to do their bidding. They can even raise fallen comrades in battle. Compared with Clerics in other games, PWI clerics are powerful spellcasters.

Their ability to solo is perfect for a game where, moreso even than other MMOs, players do not team regularly until higher levels. Duskblades are similar to Assassins; although their survivability in PvP combat can be superior to that of Assassins, their damage output is reputed to be lesser, and they are understood by some to be more PvE focused.

Earthguard Mystics Mystics have pets like Venomancers, but their pets are summoned, not found and tamed. They have a resurrection spell that is a crucial adjunct to that of Clerics, which can be cast BEFORE death, potentially prevent team wipeouts altogether; they also can heal somewhat.

Official Psychic Forums. Tideborn Psychics are mostly a spellcaster class, with the ability to heal.May in Edgerunner. I admit that I've only played the class to level 20, and I freely admit to making mistakes along the way. This leaves 3 points to do with what you will. This seems like a good argument for investing at least some points into VIT, but someone did point out that using Gems to stat gear for HP is probably more efficient.

I mostly agree with that. So that leaves STR as a good place to put those remain points. Please feel free to respectfully contribute your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Tagged: class stats. June Where do you get weapons? You can get level appropriate weapons and armor from the pink quests, that are the same as the QSM weapons. The last one is g10 and level After that you're looking at Warsoul g16 level Or rank 8, rank 8 recast, rank 8 rerecast.

Homstead weapons, the first one costs 20 or so dragonbreath sigils, so that is a week or 2 of homstead quests.

Edgerunner Glyphs

Choices are more limited than other classes right now for sure for weapons. Here is what I personally did regarding the stats: MAG - obviously don't need it as you're heavy, meele class. Take a note that your magical defense will be very low by not putting anything here, so be careful against magical attacks. DEX - looking at the endgame gear stat requirements you can see that you'll need 55 DEX at the maximum.

You might as well put that 5 extra dex to get to 60 to increase your crit. Up to you. STR - most of your points are supposed to go into STR which increases your physical attacks and physical defense. At least 3 every evel, or 6 every two levels. VIT - this depends of what kind of player you are. If you are able to afford VIT stones either you have a main character to make money, or just using real cashyou don't need to add anything into vit, save the points to make yourself stronger by putting all to str.

This is called pure STR build.

pwi edgerunner tank

However, if you are like me, a non-cash player, or a hobby player, who just wants to play every now and then, not getting into the game that seriously okay I'll stop Some say that unless you are going for a tank type, do not overdo it like, don't put points. To be honest, this is personal preference. I stopped my vit around As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform.

Read more here.

Let's establish an Edgerunner build: discussion

Can be used when inflicted with movement control effects. Requires Shield Energy. Used when inflicted with control effects. Only one Darkverse effect can be active at the same time. Recovers 10 Chi. Physical Defense reduction duration is increased to 8 seconds. Attack range is increased by 2 meters. Duration is increased to 30 minutes. Duration is increased to 10 seconds. Demon version increases your Attack Level by 15 for 15 seconds.

These skills can be obtained mainly through manufacturing them in Old Heaven's Tearor in Morai. Edgerunners do not have level 79 skills; instead, their Morai skills can also be crafted using Apocalypse Pages and Medium Inks, similar to level 79 skills. Some of these skills require you to sacrifice two of your skills in order to create the new one.

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This will allow you to preview and view your fashion sets for the new classes. Other players will need to follow this process as well so they can see your fashion too. Cookie Notice Our site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and to strengthen the services of the website. Accept Decline. Related articles Related articles Related articles Fashion equipment does not display on character Logging in with certain characters causes game crashes General gameplay questions Chargebacks and Account Bans I did not receive my First Time Buyer Pack.Leonard is a big fan of "Perfect World International" and he loves playing with the Barbarian class.

Blademasters are more than people give them credit for. I would like to start off by saying that Blademasters are my favorite Characters in Perfect world International. They offer so many qualities, with very little downside. This is mostly due to the fact that they are good at almost everything but not great at anything. So, What is a Blademaster?

A Blademaster is a physical, melee class damage dealer with High HP, great accuracy and evasion, and super high physical defense. They are called blademasters because they can master four different weapon types. Axes, Poles, Swords, and Claws.

pwi edgerunner tank

All offer Positives and Negatives. Being that they are all available to the blademaster, many people believe that the only way to be a great blademaster is to follow all the weapon paths.

While I do agree that Multi-path builds are the strongest, I would not try to force that belief on anyone, if you find yourself comfortable with one or two paths, by all means, be the best at that as you can possibly be, and you will find yourself excelling with your own blademaster.

Pwi Edgerunner Build

Blademasters benefit from super high Physical Defense, because they are a Heavy armor user and they also have a buff that multiplies their Physical defenses.

On top of this, they benefit from having the second highest HP in the game, behind the Barbarians. Blademasters are, in my mind the best solo class in the game. Venomancers are a very good solo class, but lag when it comes to AOE's and multi mob attacks. Giving Blademasters a very strong edge in leveling speed, in the mid to high levels 60 and up.

In a squad, a blademaster is a damage control specialist. Their skill sets are designed in a way to help control mobs, to keep the squishies safe and to buy the other party members time to do what they need to do for the party to be successful. Blademasters can be on a front line, assisting the tank by offering AOE's, to control multiple mobs at once. They have stuns that can buy other member's time to run for their lives if the real damage dealers and clerics find themselves being attacked from mobs that were missed or that break away from the Barbarian.

And they have skills that can create aggro against them, pulling mobs off characters and bringing them to the Blademaster. Yeah, it is true, the blademaster is not meant to be a tank and can end up being killed in the process, but, blademasters have to be willing to pay that price, in order to keep a party alive some times. In order to be a great Blademaster, you need to be willing to sacrifice yourself sometimes.

Using a skill like Roar of Pride when all hell breaks loose is going to cause all mobs in the area to most likely focus their aggro on you, and while blademasters have really good survivability, sometimes it is a price you will have to pay. In a normal squad situation, you will have a Tank Hopefully a barbarian and not youtwo clerics, one blademaster, and the rest can be damage dealers.

As a blademaster, your order of concerns will be 1the Cleric, you keep the Cleric alive by all means necessary, and 2 is the Barbarian. Your ability to apply damage to multiple mobs is vital to a barbarian's survival, and you want to make sure all the aggro is focused on you or the barbarian, and you do this by attacking any mob that the barbarian is not focusing on.

They usually can hold aggro for multiple mobs, but if you have a Wizard or Archer spiking damage on a specific mob, it can focus aggro onto that damage dealer. As long as you are assisting the barb, all aggro should stay between the two of you. This mentality will give you much love from other characters and give you many chances to participate in party activities. And we all want to be a part of the fun.

Part two of my Blademaster Build Guide is about weapons and understanding what each one offers.Pwi Edgerunner Build. It has been a long time coming, but I have just not been able to find the time to build a Seeker.

Joe PWI 3, views. Seeker build pwi. Helping each other builds our bond within the guild. The Edgerunner waves a shield for their teammates within Macros, tips and tricks to help get you on your way.

The official names are Technician aka Gunner and Edgerunner aka Paladin. We found that this was a. They can either be Healers through the Oathkeeper paragon path or Tanks through Justicar.

But for PvP, sword is useful for single target and hammer is used for AoE. And so if you can follow these simple rules, then apply and see you in game!. You can always co me back for Pwi Jones Blessing Code because we update all the latest coupons and special deals weekly. There are more helpful links then just these. Your stats as a vit build cleric can vary, you will still have the base strength needed for your weapon and armor.

Beginners guide for Duskblades. The Edgerunner is an exclusively-male melee Winged Elf class. The background of the Nightshade race is set to be the guardians of the Divine Child, who is already an existing character in our game, important but not yet elaborated on.

Just take this advice: Don't use hammer and claw, theres no free stat for Vitality! I find hammer and pole and heavy armor to be effective for PvE, needing this build: Every level: 3 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 1 Vitality. Millions is a bit much. The Edgerunners were a special group of Winged Elves, who could date back to the days when the ancient gods became less and less worshiped by mortal beings.

pwi edgerunner tank

Some may have it under Perfect World International, unless you had a customized destination. Those interested should apply to the website. As for me, I personally prefer pure magic, or VIT build, since there is a pet tanker at your disposal. Posts: 7 Arc User. At least in PWI you can earn everything that is offered in the cash shop wihout paying a single dime out of your real world pockets.

Please, apply for membership.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here. Can be used when inflicted with movement control effects. Requires Shield Energy. Lv Required Shield Energy is reduced by Ethereal Glyph Effect: Lv Cooldown is reduced by Lv Cooldown is reduced by Used when inflicted with control effects. Verdant Glyph Effect: Lv Attack range is increased by 4 meters. Lv Attack range is increased by 6 meters.

Lv Attack range is increased by 8 meters. Lv Attack range is increased by 10 meters. Lv Paralyze Duration is increased to 4. Lv Paralyze Duration is increased to 5. Verdant Glyph Effect: Lv Duration is increased to 11 seconds. Lv Duration is increased to 12 seconds. Lv Duration is increased to 13 seconds. Lv Duration is increased to 14 seconds. Lv Recovers 30 Shield Energy. Lv Recovers 40 Shield Energy. Lv Recovers 50 Shield Energy.

LV Required Shield Energy is reduced by Verdant Glyph Effect: Lv Immune to movement control effects for 4. Lv Immune to movement control effects for 6. Lv Immune to movement control effects for 8. Lv Immune to movement control effects for Golden Glyph Effect: Lv The number of reflected skill is increased by 1. Lv The number of reflected skill is increased by 2.

Lv The number of reflected skill is increased by 3. Lv The number of reflected skill is increased by 4. LV Increases the duration of your shield by 2. LV Increases the duration of your shield by 3. LV Increases the duration of your shield by 4. Ethereal Glyph Effect: Lv Chi gained is increased to Lv Chi gained is increased to Lv Attack Range is increased to 10 meters. Lv Attack Range is increased to 11 meters. Lv Attack Range is increased to 12 meters.

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