Vehicle operating cost calculator

The first step toward free-wheeling independence is cbd powerpoint presentation by acquiring a vehicle to drive. Some budget conscious consumers stay true to the best method for keeping car-buying costs low; they buy exactly what they can afford, without the need for financing. Others seek vehicles beyond their immediate means, entering into lending arrangements that accommodate purchases exceeding cash on hand.

Regardless of which approach is preferred for getting on the road, staying mobile presents its own unique set of considerations. Operating cost calculator helps drivers estimate the amount of money required to keep cars on the road, accounting for several expense categories related to vehicle purchase and operation.

Purchase price and financing charges represent the opening volley for car owners, who continue to rack up charges over the life spans of their vehicles. Several factors influence the cost of buying cars, including principal and interest. Even if you pay cash for your vehicle, the purchase price must be amortized, to determine monthly operating costs associated with the original purchase.

True loan amortization is easy to follow, illustrated by schedules governing your loan. Each monthly principal payment provides the first building block for evaluating monthly vehicle operating expenses. Fees and charges associated with loan origination and commitment are also included in the overall cost of buying your car, so they must also be accounted for when calculating total operating costs.

vehicle operating cost calculator

Interest is another major influence on vehicle operating costs, representing the additional expenses associated with term repayment. Installment loans like those used to buy cars are figured-in to monthly operating costs using the same number for each month; a benefit of this type of financing alternative. Extended warranties are also offered by car dealerships, covering automobile purchases against unanticipated vehicle problems and repairs.

When this optional coverage is selected, it must also be accounted for in total operating cost calculations. Once purchase prices and financing costs are considered, other expenses associated with driving are plugged-in. Sales tax and licensing are some of the first add-ons taxing car-buyers' budgets. Whether paid at dealerships or submitted directly to motor vehicle departments, sales tax and annual licensing fees must be broken down for accuracy.

Insurance is an oft-forgotten vehicle expense, surprising some car buyers who fail to assess it in advance. Vehicle make and model, as well as the area where it is housed, each impact the total annual insurance payment required. Performance and luxury vehicle owners expect to pay the highest premiums.

Specific mechanical considerations also influence the total operating cost of a vehicle. Mileage, for example, is an important add-on expense, estimated by dividing the average number of miles driven, by the mean fuel requirements during the evaluation period. The prevailing cost of gas is then used to tabulate dollar-amount totals representing the gasoline costs added by your driving regimen.

Though they are harder to predict than other automobile operating costs, repair and maintenance expenses place an operating burden on vehicles too. For the most accurate assessment, estimate anticipated costs, to plug-in to operating cost calculator.This calculator will help you to understand the true cost of owning and operating your automobile.

First enter the total purchase price of your vehicle, sales tax percentage, annual cost of licensing the vehicle, and the cost of the extended warranty, if applicable. Then, from the pull-down menu provided, indicate whether or not you plan to finance your vehicle. Next input your down payment, financing rate APRloan term in months, and your annual insurance premium. Owning and operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, one that is so impactful that you must be licensed in order to legally drive on the roadways.

And as you are probably aware if you've recently started looking into buying a personal automobile, it isn't without its expenses. In fact, the freedom that comes with owning a motor coach is far from free. And if you don't understand the potential expenditures going into buying a vehicle, it could become a rather pricey noose around your neck.

Like any type of consumer purchase, buying an automobile requires some research on your part. So if you're interested in enjoying the convenience that comes with owning and operating a vehicle, you must first understand the fiscal responsibilities associated with the prospect. Here are a few of the expenses you don't want to overlook. There's no getting around the fact that purchasing a vehicle is a huge expense, at least for most people.

And taking out an auto loan means paying interest for the duration, increasing your overall cost for the vehicle even further. Unfortunately, your expenditures don't begin and end with the price of purchasing an automobile. Technically, this isn't the same as owning a vehicle, but for all intents and purposes, the practical applications are the same; you'll have an automobile for your exclusive use for the duration of the contract, so long as you pay in full and on time.

In a sense, you will own the vehicle until you return it to the dealership. The major difference is in the expense associated with virtually renting a vehicle instead of buying one. You'll end up paying a lot less money no matter how it shakes out. Your monthly payment will be based on the assumed depreciation over the course of your contract, which amounts to significantly less than the price of purchasing a vehicle, so monthly payments will be lower. When you return the vehicle at the end of the term, you can select a newer model and negotiate a new contract.

If you decide to keep it, you'll be able to take out a loan for the remaining amount, thus saving yourself hundreds or thousands in interest charges that you would have paid had you taken out a loan for the original price of the automobile.

AAA’s Your Driving Costs

Although there are a handful of states that eschew sales tax, you can't buy cars there and then register them in your home state without getting charged. You won't pay sales tax on your vehicle purchase.

As for everyone else, you're out of luck. So before you buy, it's a good idea to try to calculate what you'll pay in tax. Any time you purchase a vehicle or enter into a contract to borrow one for a couple of years, you're going to end up paying fees. Fees for paperwork, fees for filing, fees for financing - there is no shortage of fees to be paid.

Unfortunately, these add-ons will vary from one dealership to the next, and even from one automotive purchase to the next. So it can be difficult to plan for them. What you might want to do is call dealerships you're interested in visiting ahead of time to try and get a breakdown of their standard fees. Aside from the purchase price of your vehicle, automobile insurance is likely to comprise your largest expense where your personal transportation is concerned.

vehicle operating cost calculator

And it's not always easy to determine the potential expense. This is because insurance is based on myriad factors, including your age, your driving record, the number of policies you carry with an insurance provider, the number of drivers in your household and their ages and driving recordsand of course, the type of vehicle you drive.

So until you buy your new car, it can be difficult to determine how much your insurance will set you back each year. And it pays to understand that certain features can make a difference. For example, you'll probably pay a higher rate for a sporty two-door than you will for a family sedan.Operating expenses do not include:. If you pay any amount of operating expenses, you have to determine the operating expense benefit by using either the optional or fixed rate calculation.

In some cases, this optional calculation may result in a higher benefit amount than the fixed rate calculation. You will not receive a reply. Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Operating expenses include: gasoline and oil maintenance charges and repair expenses, less insurance proceeds licences and insurance Operating expenses do not include: interest capital cost allowance for an automobile you own lease costs for a leased automobile parking costs, highway or bridge tolls If you pay any amount of operating expenses, you have to determine the operating expense benefit by using either the optional or fixed rate calculation.

Topics Reimbursement for operating expenses Employee reimburses the employer or pays a third party for all or part of the operating expenses. Fixed rate calculation Optional calculation. Related links Calculating automobile benefits. Report a problem or mistake on this page. Please select all that apply: A link, button or video is not working. It has a spelling mistake. Information is missing. Information is outdated or wrong. Login error when trying to access an account e.

My Service Canada Account. I can't find what I'm looking for. Other issue not in this list. Thank you for your help!This calculator will show you a side-by-side comparison of the costs of ownership associated with two different vehicles.

Then enter annual insurance premiums, the number of miles you expect to drive a year, MPG ratings, and the average local cost for gas. Finally, input the age of both cars, how long you plan to own them, and your estimated monthly maintenance and repair costs. Owning and operating an automobile is not a cheap undertaking, as anyone who has a car can no doubt attest.

Of course, there are ways to save money when buying an automobile. For example, you could opt for a used or certified pre-owned car. Or you could negotiate for better terms.

When buying a car, you have some latitude when it comes to haggling over the sticker price, choosing a lender that will offer the best interest rates, selecting payment terms, and so on.

But you can also save money over time by paying more towards the principle on your loan each month or even opting for a schedule of biweekly payments that allow you to pay less in interest 26 in a year is equivalent to thirteen monthly payments. In addition to the general expenses associated with your car loan, however, you'll also need to consider the ongoing expenditures related to keeping your automobile up and running.

And before you choose the car you want to buy, it is imperative that you take the time to calculate the potential impact on your budget.

vehicle operating cost calculator

Every car will entail different expenses in both the short and long term, and if you want to comparison shop accordingly, you must consider all costs, including those that are not part of the purchase agreement. Here are some to keep in mind. You cannot legally drive your car if you fail to first register it in your state of residence. This is intended to ensure that legal authorities are able to verify the owner of a particular automobile and that the car owner can be taxed accordingly.

If you are caught driving a car without the proper registration, you may face all kinds of penalties, including fines, criminal charges, or having your car impounded. In other words, you stand to lose a lot by foregoing automobile registration.

That said, you can save some dough in this area with the car you select. Your registration fees are based on several factors, but most importantly, the value of your car. This could include the age, make, model, price, and even the number of cylinders or the weight. Some states also allow automobile owners to register vehicles for several years at a time.

And if you transfer your old plates to your new car, it could change the fee.

Car Total Cost of Ownership Spreadsheet

So if you're trying to decide between a number of cars in order to select one that requires the lowest ongoing expense, consider checking in with your local DMV. One of the greatest expenses associated with ongoing automobile usage is insurance, particularly if you have to ensure multiple drivers on your policy and some of them are high risk. While there is little you can do to make a teen driver or someone with multiple moving violations more insurable, you should know that the car you select could make a difference where your premiums are concerned.

Obviously, the more your car is worth, the more you're going to have to pay for insurance. This could definitely affect the price you're willing to pay for a car up front. But you should also know that the make, model, and age of your car, amongst other factors, also play a role.

And the type of car you select could be important. Often, sports cars come with higher insurance premiums than cars that are considered safer and lower risk, such as family sedans or minivans. And the type of car you buy could affect this ongoing expense. It can be difficult to calculate how much you might spend on fuel for your car in a given year. But if you pay attention to approximately how much mileage you put on your car in the average year, you can at least get a ballpark estimate.

From there, you simply need to check the specs for any car you're interested in buying.Changes in the costs of owning and operating vehicles trucks as well as cars resulting from a transportation improvement project are counted as benefits or disbenefits. Projects that alter vehicle miles traveled, traffic speed and delay, roadway surfaces, or roadway geometry may affect travelers' vehicle operating costs, which should be considered in a benefit-cost analysis.

Projects that change per capita vehicle ownership rates, such as significant changes in the quality of alternative modes and land use accessibility, may affect vehicle ownership costs, which should be considered in benefit-cost analysis. Factors Affecting Vehicle Operating Costs.

The Vehicle Operating Costs Methodology section discusses how to evaluate the benefits associated with a change in vehicle operating costs. Steven E.

Transportation Benefit-Cost Analysis. Search this site. When to Use Benefit-Cost Analysis. BCA vs. Economic Impact Analysis. Perspective and Scope. Defining Alternatives. Geographic Scope.

Level of Effort.

Vehicle Cost Calculator

Project Description. Project Schedule. Analysis Purpose. Project Objectives and Impacts. Time Period of Analysis. Issues to Consider. Valuing Accidents. Change in Accident Rates. Total Accident Value. Prioritizing Projects. Greenhouse Gases.This tool uses basic information about your driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

Also see the cost calculator widgets. Vehicle Cost Calculator This tool uses basic information about your driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Choose vehicles to compare Select up to eight vehicles to compare from the makes and models below or create your own custom vehicle. Vehicle name:. Purchase price:.

Gasoline fuel economy:. Diesel fuel economy:. Propane fuel economy:. Natural gas fuel economy:. E85 economy:. Electricity efficiency:. Electricity range:. Create Custom Vehicle. You can change the amount to reflect the price in your area.

vehicle operating cost calculator

Alternative Fuel Price Report. Tell us how you use your car Because vehicle efficiencies vary depending on how you use your car, this information allows the tool to more accurately calculate fuel usage. Normal Daily Use.

Local Standards: Transportation

Average daily driving distance. Days per week. Weeks per year. Annual Driving Distance. Other Trips. Annual mileage. Percent highway. Electricity Use Select a state so we can find the electricity price and calculate the emissions from generating electricity in your area. How often do you plug in your vehicle during normal daily use?Following are average per-mile costs as determined by AAA, based on the driving costs for nine vehicle categories weighted by sales.

Driving costs in each category are based on average costs for five top-selling models selected by AAA. By category, they are:. Depreciation: Depreciation is based on the diff erence between new-vehicle purchase price and estimated trade-in value at the end of five years and 75, miles.

Finance: Costs are based on a five-year loan, with 10 percent down, at the national average interest rate for five credit rating categories weighted by market share. Fuel economy is based on Environmental Protection Agency ratings for 55 percent city and 45 percent highway driving.

Electric vehicle charging costs are based on a rate of License, Registration and Taxes: Costs include all governmental taxes and fees payable at time of purchase, as well as fees due each year to keep the vehicle licensed and reg-istered. Costs are computed on a national average basis. Maintenance, Repair and Tires: These costs include retail parts and labor for routine maintenance specified by the vehicle manufacturer, a comprehensive extended warranty, repairs to wear-and-tear items that require service during five years of operation and one set of replacement tires of the same quality, size and rating as those that came with the car.

Sales tax is included on a national average basis. To figure your fuel cost, begin with a full tank of fuel and write down the odometer reading. Each time you fill up, note the number of gallons, how much you paid and the odometer reading.

These figures can then be used to calculate average miles per gallon and cost of fuel per mile. For example:. To determine your driving costs accurately, keep personal records on all the costs listed below. Use this worksheet to figure your total cost to drive.

Driving costs are aff ected by how well your vehicle runs. Performing regular maintenance can ensure more eff icient operation and help prevent costly repairs down the road. Below are general checks to keep your vehicle in good operating shape. Inspect at every oil change.

They include:. AAA provides more than 59 million members with automotive, travel, insurance and financial services through its federation of 33 motor clubs and over 1, branch off ices across North America. Sincethe not-for-profit, fully tax-paying AAA has been a leader and advocate for safe mobility. Drivers can request roadside assistance, identify nearby gas prices, locate discounts, book a hotel or map a route via the AAA Mobile app.

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